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Email Security Tips

Email Security Tips Cyber criminals conducting diabolical schemes to swindle companies and individuals is at an all-time high.  Plus, these criminals are becoming smarter in getting-around and penetrating all the security systems you have in place. This is why it is important that each employee be diligent when processing their email so as not to [...]

OneDrive Improvements Coming Soon

Performance and design improvements: We’ve upgraded page load times to help users get their work done in half the time. These improvements will be available by end of month. Along with performance improvements, we’re also focusing on inclusive design principles to provide millions of our users more choice and greater flexibility. That efforts starts with [...]

SharePoint Online Space Increased

  As more and more Office 365 customers are moving their data to SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams the demand for storage space is exponentially increasing.  Customers are moving content to SharePoint to take advantage of new team collaboration and enterprise content management experiences, while moving off on-premise servers, file shares, and [...]