Performance and design improvements: We’ve upgraded page load times to help users get their work done in half the time. These improvements will be available by end of month. Along with performance improvements, we’re also focusing on inclusive design principles to provide millions of our users more choice and greater flexibility. That efforts starts with Dark Mode for OneDrive web, which we’ll be releasing soon for both commercial and personal accounts. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Dark Mode also reduces eye strain and improves the battery life of your devices.

Add to OneDrive: Files are often the starting point for getting work done and staying connected. OneDrive not only makes it easy for you to access and organize your work files, it also helps you get back to the files that matter the most—especially now with Add to OneDrive, a much-awaited feature that we’re rolling out in public preview with the option to opt-out. Now, when someone shares a folder with you in OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams, you can easily add a shortcut to that shared folder, either from Shared with me or your shared libraries, in your OneDrive to easily find it later. Added folders retain all the power of OneDrive, which means you can sync and access these folders from anywhere on any device; share and co-author files in added folder; and, stay up-to-date with @mentions, activity, and notifications. Added folders respect all existing policies, compliance, and security settings, too.

Move and keep sharing: Our files often go through a workflow or lifecycle—from creation to review to final. During this journey, you might need to relocate your file from an individual OneDrive site to a SharePoint shared library to extend its reach to a broader group of collaborators. But doing so should not affect the file’s original access controls. Now, when you transfer an individual file to a shared library, the sharing permissions remain intact. This feature is rolling out now.

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